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IR35 assessments

As part of our suite of IR35 consultancy services, we will support those businesses who choose to use HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool. The risks posed by such a tool are widely highlighted, and we can support organisations to ensure they don’t fall foul of the same pitfalls. 

Alternatively, several of our recommended providers can offer IR35 assessment tools which offer an alternative to CEST. Click on the logo's to find out more.

Whatever tool or solutions businesses choose, we can support your IR35 compliance process to ensure it aligns with full case law.


Take the IR35 headache awayConsider a statement of work (SOW)

Morson Projects, part of the Morson Group, has been developing IR35 compliant SOWs for more than 40 years, long before the legislation was first introduced, which has evolved into an effective solution to remove the burden of employment status.

Such an effective and flexible solution removes the IR35 headache from businesses, with Morson Projects creating and defining fixed price work packages and a robust statement of work, which in turn, sees us responsible for determining the IR35 status of any PSCs as well as managing these teams to deliver against strict KPIs and deliverables.

In such instances, Morson Projects becomes the end client and is responsible for IR35 compliance and the associated risks.

The benefits of a SOW

Removes the responsibility of project management

Takes away the IR35 headache from businesses

Creates project costs savings by removing inefficient working or the need for rework

Guarantees deliverables, on time and to strict budgets

Our process and expertise

As experts in what we do, our Morson Projects team would immerse themselves in your organisation and projects to collaboratively understand which bodies of work lend themselves to a fixed price statement of work. 

In addition to understanding your project goals, needs and potential barriers, we will examine which PSCs and other workers currently support these workstreams and work proactively to mitigate the burden and risk away from your business.


genuine SOW's delivered


people hours provided in fixed price consultancy services

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With more than 5,000 genuine SOWs delivered and more than 10 million people hours provided in fixed price consultancy services, a statement of work is an excellent solution to completely remove the headache of engaging with PSCs.

The value we can deliver with this solution goes beyond IR35 compliance and ensures we can solve our clients’ pain points to add true revenue-boosting solutions.


Need help navigating IR35?

As experts in the talent landscape, we bring considerable experience of IR35, having supported numerous clients during the reforms to the public sector in 2017, as well as other legislative changes.

Download our guide to find out how to navigate IR35 changes; the risks, how to ensure compliance and solutions to help take the IR35 headache away.